SESHAT | sapphire | sterling silver

  • $785.00 AUD

SESHAT is the ancient Egyptian goddess of wisdom, knowledge and writing. A big part of my personal journey this last year has been remembering all of the ancient wisdom I carry deep within me, as we all do. We have so much knowledge stored within us from birth. We already have the answers to all of our questions, we just have to quiet our mind and connect to our deepest selves so that we can remember them.

May this ring be a symbol and reminder of this powerful message to whoever chooses to make it their own.


Australian sapphire
Sterling silver 


Stone: 0.8ct (8 x 4mm)
Band: 2.5mm wide, 2mm thick
Size:  L 1/2 
(If you wish to have this ring resized please contact prior to purchasing)

This ring can be made to order with a custom picked gemstone and metal of your choice. Please contact with enquiries.