AKHET | opal | sterling silver

  • $590.00 AUD

Akhet is an Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph that represents the sun rising over a mountain. It is translated as "horizon", and that's exactly what I visualise when I look at this ring. I see the warm dessert sand in the soft brushed finish of the silver and the opal depicts the sun.

This ring was created as a symbol and reminder that the sun will continue to rise everyday just as it has for thousands of years. Each day is magic and it is entirely in our individual power as to what we make of it. Use it to build on yesterday's triumphs or wipe the horizon clean and start from wherever you wish. 


Australian black opal
Sterling silver  


Stone: 14.5 x 10.2mm

Height of setting: 4.4mm
Band width: 7mm
Band thickness: 1mm 
Size: P 1/2
(If you wish to have this ring resized please contact hello@aisinnneave.com prior to purchasing)