The maker

Aislinn Neave Mahady

Each piece is made by hand in a little backyard studio in Melbourne using quality materials and a whole lot of passion.  

Aislinn had always loved jewellery from a very young age, a passion that was sparked by her Grandfather, a diamond setter who started at the young age of 15. Who, at the age of 80, is still doing most of Aislinn’s setting today). She began her own career in 2010 doing work experience for a jeweller in Camberwell who was blown away by her ability to pick up the skill so quickly and offered her a job as their apprentice. Fast forward 8 years and much to her Grandfather’s delight she has started her own jewellery line, Aislinn Neave Jewelley.

Inspired by unique shapes and silhouettes, Aislinn’s designs are far from ordinary and love of texture and mixing metals often creates a dynamic contrast in her pieces.  She does however also appreciate simplicity and can to tone things down for a more classic, minimal aesthetic.

Aislinn loves working closely with clients to explore the design process of custom pieces together. She understands that the design process can often be just as special as the final piece. If you would like to enquire about custom designs or any existing pieces you have seen please feel free to contact